President’s message

Welcoming you in the new era of PSONS

During an era when information technology is spreading exponentially, and is being utilized to reach the remotest corner of our world, dissemination and sharing of knowledge has become even more intense necessity for the pediatric surgeons from all over the world. With this objective in sight, Pediatric Surgery Online Society (PSONS) was established by a number of promising, energetic pediatric surgeons from different corners of the globe in 2007. PSONS is one of the largest non-profit international online collaboration platforms consisting of individual pediatric & neonatal surgeons from different parts of the world having the aim to be able to provide a standardized service to surgical care to the children in every corner of the world. Supporting training in places wherever may be necessary like the LMICs & the resource constrained countries is vital for the development of the subject. Collaboration among pediatric, neonatal & all other branches of surgeons who deal with surgical conditions in children is key to improve the outcomes of these ailments in the children. PSONS is working to these ends to reduce morbidities & mortalities among children with surgical conditions. As was mentioned by the renowned surgeon, the founding president of British Association of Pediatric Surgeons (BAPS) Sir Denis Browne, “The aim of paediatric surgery is to set a standard, not to seek a monopoly”, PSONS is aiming not only to overcome the monopolistic approach to the subject but to maintain and elevate the standard of patient care at each corner of the globe. This is a challenging task and includes standardization of education, training, development of infrastructure in places where these facilities are lacking. In an effort to strengthen international collaboration, PSONS has already started to collaborate with open access journals like EC Pediatrics and Journal of Neonatal Surgery (JNS) so that knowledge doesn’t remain confined & limited to the resourceful places but can spread to the resource limited places too.

PSONS welcomes suggestions and advice from experts from around the globe as well as contributions from all to the learning of pediatric surgery for the emerging & rising stars that are waiting to shine in future. All these devotions ultimately will help mitigate & overcome the limitations deterring the adequate management of the neonates, pediatric & adolescent patients with surgical conditions.

Ashrarur Rahman Mitul M.D. Professor

From the President’s Office 2022

Division of Pediatric Surgery Bangladesh Shishu Hospital and Institute, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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