PSONSorg & Save a Child for Ukraine.

Considering the adverse events that are affecting the whole population and in greater numbers the paediatric one, the council of members of PSONSorg unanimously decided to donate the cash fund to you again for reaching out in our effort to reach Ukrainian children through the doctors who care for them.Professor Ashrarur Raman Mitul, MDPresidentContinue reading “PSONSorg & Save a Child for Ukraine.”

Consider to Donate with PSONS for Ukraine

The PSONS as a scientific Worldwide professional and medical association with members from across the world, is absolutely against the use of violence in Ukraine. We are opposing wars as a means of settling disputes of any kind and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution. We support our Friends, members and all who rejectContinue reading “Consider to Donate with PSONS for Ukraine”

PUV- Virtual Study. Aim 2nd Posterior Urethral Valves study day Monday 28th February 2022 To improve knowledge of management and outcomes of posterior urethral valves’ in children. Programme  09.15-09.30 -Login  09.30-09.35 – Introduction and welcome. Mr Massimo Garriboli, Consultant Paediatric Urologist, Evelina Children’s Hospital  09.35-10.05 – Lecture: Embryology/Anatomy/Antenatal management. Mrs Kalpana Patil, Consultant PaediatricContinue reading “PUV- Virtual Study.”